Kitchen Renovation in the Office

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Many would say that having a stocked kitchen in the office would not only make employees happier and healthier, but also motivate them to be more productive workers. Having an office kitchen can also account for employees saying inside the office during breaks saving both time and money. Making small investments in the company kitchen can lead to significant benefits in any workplace.

An Atmosphere For all, and All for One Atmosphere!

Office Kitchen RenovationThe first factor you must keep in mind is who will be seeing this office kitchen. Is the kitchen a professional office staff kitchen for only the employees? If so, then the office can be decorated any way you see fit. If it’s an office kitchen for a company that sells kitchen cabinetry then the kitchen should showcase the best line of cabinets. Do you see where we’re getting at?

Once it has been determined who the kitchen is geared towards, you can begin to plan the office kitchen.

Office for Clients

When decorating an office kitchen that clients will see, small details are important. The kitchen will need to look its best at all time and not be cluttered. To sell your company’s product the kitchen must look like a model home design. You may want to include dispenser holders to conceal clutter, a coffee maker is an essential, too, to offer customers and fuel workers- even displaying awards and plaques that should boast credentials the company has won that shows clients teamwork and pride in the company. Paint colors should be neutral unless the company is looking for a bold shock-factor. It should be a semi-gloss paint that is easy to clean.

Office for Employees

When decorating the kitchen for employee use only, you can do anything with paint colors! It is best to choose a both female and male friendly color to suit all of those utilizing it. Additional add-ons in the kitchen can include message boards to let employees know what’s happening in the community or to let them share if they have anything to, photo boards too, where employees may want to showcase their families or if employees do things together pictures should be hung, even employee recognitions to boost confidence and moral.

Safety First!

Is your workplace kitchen safe? Before you answer, consider the following: is every employee trained in fire prevention? What about first aid training? Does your workplace kitchen have suitable fire blankets and extinguishers?

Prevention is better than any cure; you can make your office kitchen safe and match building and fire code standards that will save life (or a limb.) By providing special training to and for your workers and yourself, you assure each individual is fully knowledgeable and equipped to handle any and all situations. Above all, also consult with the fire and building code standards to ensure up most safety during the creation of your kitchen to make sure it allows safe entry and exist ways in case of an evacuation.

Choose the Professionals

LSI Engineering has a multitude of year’s worth of experience in construction field including kitchen renovation in both commercial and residential field. Building and maintaining an office kitchen that appeals to everyone may seem tricky- but with our phenomenal team of ravishing workers, we will guide and be by your side every step of the way- erasing all of your doubts. Contact us today and let us create you an office kitchen that will boost the productivity of your working team!