One of a Kind Fashion Accessories

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We live in a heavily industrialized world. And it’s a good thing. It’s really great. We get access to tons of goods at great prices because they are so easy to manufacture. Furniture, cars, kitchenware, clothes, bags, shoes… never has mankind seen such abundance of, well, stuff. And we love it. Most of the time.

Sometimes we grow a little tired of it all. It’s just that it all looks SO much alike…

unigue leather bagsWe look at bags that are all exactly the same and shoes or clothes that don’t differ from one model to the other or even between brands. Sure, there are differences, but sometimes it’s just not enough.

Human beings have always been always attracted to novelty. A fashion item that is unique looks better to us. And makes us look better, too. That’s because we are all one of a kind creations, with our own world of thoughts, tastes and experiences. We express ourselves through these things.

That is the reason why tailored suits will never be fully replaced by standard ones. That’s why we get wedding rings pre-ordered and especially designed for us.

We like unique things, and as materials (fabric, leather, tools) become more accessible and many people try to stand out more, a new wave of designers are entering the market. You can find their goods now not only on Etsy and other commonly shared online artisan boutiques, but in specialized shops and on their own websites as well.

And as this trend for one of a kind fashion in Toronto and Canada grows, we get to enjoy more amazing and beautiful things.

One such artist brand is MXW - Leather in Motion that specializes in producing custom made leather bags. When asked about how he started it all, Mike laughs.

Here’s his story:

Leather Satchel

Leather Satchel

“I got lucky. My first customer was me. I needed a satchel. You know, room for binders, lots of pockets, the standard stuff. But not so standard when it came to design. Having a somewhat unusual taste (or, as I like to put it – I know what I want), I tried looking for a bag that both looked good and suited my needs. The second part was easy to satisfy. The first, well… what I found was a market that didn’t cater to men. No variety of style or color was anywhere to be found (did you notice that men’s shoes have a similar problem?).

Anyway, everything was utilitarian, durable, and… dull, dull, dull. Extremely. And the few decent specimen I did manage to find online turned out to be so expensive that I didn’t even consider them.

So I made it myself. I had no sewing machine at the time, so it was all rivet work. And then I made another as a gift. And then another. My bag designs are very unusual and many people liked them and expressed a desire to own one. And after a few bags I produced as gifts, it became apparent that I should really set up a business and design them for everybody to enjoy.”

MXW – Leather in Motion is a small operation now but is rapidly expanding. Mike likes thinking of his bags as a family of dinosaurs that are coming back to the world of machine-produced goods and are going to reclaim some of it for themselves. And as any family, it is quickly growing.

Apart for bags, other leather goods will be available soon, such as wrist watch bands, leather tablet computer cases and more. Feel welcome to browse his site and look at some of his work. Also, stay tuned for more updates on One of a Kind Fashion Accessories and Fashion!