Perfect Wedding, Perfect Cake

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Do you have a wedding coming up? Do you want to amaze your friends and family members with beautiful design and unique taste of your wedding cake? It is always exciting to plan a celebration and you want to make sure your wedding pastry is taken care of. You can be creative in choosing shapes, colors, ingredients and it is a great temptation to order a custom design while being unable to see it until the big day! 

To be able to feel secure about leaving your piece of art in the hands of professional custom confectionery bakers, they must have many years of experience. They should sit down and discuss the design of your ideal cake so you can feel well informed and confident that they will provide you with the masterpiece you envisioned.

Shape: The first question you should ask yourself is what shape you would like for your wedding confection. Usually, bakers can prepare a square, round, diamond or octagon shape. A round and square shape are more classic, whereas the diamond and octagon shape is more current. You have to take into account the overall theme of your wedding, whether it leans more towards modern or traditional.

Tiers: You should also make note of the amount of tiers you would like and how you would like to place them. The amount of tiers on a cake should not only be based on the amount of people at your wedding, but the overall design you want for your cake. Ask the culinary artist if they offer Styrofoam tiers. This will save you money and you will be able to create the design you want without wasting the cake.

Color: Whether you want traditional white or a bright pink, the color of your piece of art is important to the general look of your wedding. Try to remember where you are having the reception and the color scheme. This will help you figure out what color will really stand out and make your confection be the center of attention.

Design: You should not have any real flowers as part of your design because the flowers may wilt and not look as nice by the end of the night. Try sugar flowers! They taste delicious and look gorgeous. However if you feel as though real flowers is something you would love to do, go ahead. Remember, this is your wedding and it should be catered around your wants. Also, discuss what cake toppers, you want. Again, this goes back to whether or not you want to go for a more classic topper or a current one. Something that is becoming quite popular is placing you and your groom’s initials onto the cake or adding diamonds, jewels and pictures. You could even find a special cake topper that has a replica of you and your fiance’s face on the traditional bride and groom topper, so it actually looks like you!

The Inside: After had discussed the general look of your masterpiece, it is now all about the flavor. Ask your custom baker to provide you with samples of flavors, so you can be well informed and decide which one you would like. Also, ask if they can add two flavors in the cake to be able to cater to your guests as well.

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Article by Carmen-Julia Fisher