Permanent Makeup Classes in Toronto

 - by admin

If you’d like to get in on all the rage here in Toronto, sign up for a permanent makeup class! Learn the art of makeup tattooing to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s hot right now. Makeup tattoos are exactly what they sound like: permanent makeup that doesn’t come off, just like any tattoo you would get elsewhere on your body. This means you pop out of bed in the morning, shower, dress and go without having to fuss with lipstick or eye liner.


No smudging, no re-applying in the afternoon, no worries about swimming, tears or anything else that could send streams of black down your face. You get a flawless finish every time with permanent makeup. And we teach you how to do it right here at Eyelash Canada!

If you’d like to hop on this new trend and become a permanent makeup aesthetician, we have got the course for you. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it gels with your schedule and best of all, you’ll be able to use your new-found knowledge on clients seeking this service in Toronto. With no pre-requisites for permanent makeup course, anyone with dedication and a dream can learn this technique. You’ll learn all aspects of permanent makeup application from eyebrows and eyeliner to lip liner, full lip color and even beauty marks. Certified aestheticians who have been doing this for years will show you the ins and outs of cosmetic tattooing that will enable your clients to ditch their old costly makeup and enjoy a seamless look that’s spot-on every time.
During the class you are taught how to help your clients choose the best shades and shapes for their lips, brows and eyes. Which is perfect for people who cannot properly draw in their own eyebrows or eyeliner on a daily basis; or who have experienced eyebrow hair loss due to excessive tweezing or a medical condition. You have the power to enhance someone’s quality of life by giving them the confidence needed to put their best face forward!


Our training course for permanent makeup Toronto lasts for five days of intense training, which starts on day one with registration, the basics of facial anatomy and the importance of sterilization. Throughout the training, you’ll be able to set up your own work station and practice makeup tattooing on real people. One day you will do lips, another day you will do brows and still another day you’ll handle eyeliner. We’ll help you apply for business insurance, show you how to deal with allergic reactions, analyze before-and-after photos, and illustrate how to work with different types of machines and needles. Our training schedule is intense yet comprehensive. You will be able to get the certification necessary to become a permanent tattoo artist. We even sell the permanent makeup kit you’ll need to get started. If you’ve always wanted to do something artistic that’s trendy and getting all the attention, now’s the time. Check EyelashCanada cosmetic tattooing classes today!