Protect Your Health with Kabbalistic Amulets

 - by mikexw

In a world so down to earth and consumed with materialism, even spiritualism has been adopted, altered and rationalized by popular culture. Yoga and meditation are not so spiritual anymore. They were turned into exercises of the mind and body, slowly evicting the spirit out of the spiritual.

kabbalistic amulet scriptWe have come into the habit to distrust anything occult and spiritualistic, and sometimes it is even rightly so. After all, we are all too familiar with the stereotypical old lady sitting over a glass bowl or a deck of tarot cards and surrounded by candles and chimes. In those cases the picture resembles cheap trickery so much that most likely that’s what it really is.

Not so with one man we found, who gives you none of that glitterdust and follows an old Kabbalistic tradition that many people believe and follow too. The kabbalistic amulets made by Gersh Nubirg  are not works of miracle or magic, far from it. What they are is a form of concentrated prayer.

What he practices is also described as “Practical Kabbalah””. It is explained as the ability to receive help and positive influence by connecting to or addressing the spiritual forces put in place all around us by the Creator.

As Gersh Nubirg says himself, “what the amulet does is opens an augmented channel to our Creator and pleads for His light to shine on the soul of the person the amulet is trying to help”.

“My main guide is the Scripture, the angelic names and wisdoms I find there and use in order to channel the prayer” he adds, “I am basically trying to bridge between the person and the Lord”.

He is a humble man in the meaning that he will not try to impress you into using his amulets to protect your health or spirit. There is nothing outwardly “occult” in the man or his practice – no aura of boastful pride about him, the kind we expect from anybody who deals with spiritualism. He is soft spoken, quiet and attentive.

His name precedes him, however, as he is known for being diligent and meticulous in writing the kabbalistic amulets who many have said truly helped them attain spiritual balance and fight off negative influences.

Among the issues Gersh Nubirg’s kabbalistic amulets are aimed to help gain:

  • Negative energy protection

  • Evil eye protection

  • Curse removal

  • Protection from negative entities

  • Mental and spiritual protection

  • Augmentation of health

  • Concentration and success

  • Strengthen strained personal relationships

A properly built kabbalistic amulet can help achieve multiple goals and protect from various negative influences. Of course this is not a substitute to conventional medicine, but while you see a doctor, you can also protect your health with Kabbalistic amulets by Gersh Nubirg, augmenting it additionally. So goes for every area of protection where an amulet is not a substitute to conventional solutions, but a potential aid that will also help pull someone out of trouble.

Another thing that is very convincing about Gersh Nubirg’s kabbalistic amulet practice, is that every amulet is made to be used by a very specific person – not a single one of them is generic! The problem is examined, studied thoroughly and a very specific set of celestial names and symbols is used to help this very specific person with their very specific set of circumstances.

To learn more, we recommend you to go to Gersh Nubirg’s website. Enjoy!