Shipping to Manitoba

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The world is a global village, and many know that it is prudent to buy some things in other provinces or across the border. This is doubly true with cars, and the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. The savings you can generate by shipping a car to Manitoba from the States or another province in Canada can be counted in thousands of dollars.

inland-car-transportation-300x200Buying the car at the local dealership costs you more, since they get the car at the port for wholesale price and then pay for the licensing, transportation etc. As mentioned before, the difference can be very significant. The one question that remains is, but how do you, the buyer, get that difference saved?

Some choose to travel to other markets themselves, buy the car there, and drive back home, this way saving the difference, but who has the time for such an adventure nowadays? This is why some may still think that buying a vehicle from a local dealer is easier, simpler and faster. Now what if we told you that there is a way to choose, buy and ship the car to Manitoba, practically getting it to your doorstep and still saving a very considerable chunk of money?

Among the other provinces where Manitobans often choose to buy cars from, BC is the definite leader. Vancouver enjoys a direct import of cars from Japan and other countries and buying there means it will not have changed hands on the way inland. This way the overhead is saved and all you have to do is buy insurance and drive your new car home. Buying from the US can offer an even better choice of deals, although it comes with the added difficulty of paying import charges and getting Canadian license plates.

This may not be a big deal to the adventurous types among us, but even they can have a problem just finding the time for such a trip. This is where we come in and make it really, really easy for you.

Ways Auto is an independent vehicle transportation company with years of experience in transporting cars all around the world. We know the ins and outs of global and Canadian markets and can advise you on good purchasing opportunities, as well as help you with licensing and insurance transfers.

The cost of our services is hardly noticeable next to the difference you will be paying if you buy from a local dealer, so you still save a lot. And that’s not even mentioning the amount of saved time, effort and paperwork. In addition to cars, we transport large vehicles, boats, vintage vehicles (including motorcycles) and other forms of transportation that may require additional care and special treatment. To summarize, Ways Auto is your best choice for shipping cars to Manitoba from other provinces or the US. Just sit back and let the car come to your doorstep. Call us now and get all the additional information you need!

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