Social Marketing Tricks

 - by Cobalt900

Social marketing has become the largest form of marketing media in the modern world. Most advertisements no longer simply sell a product, but it’s also to make the customer want to buy the product because it appeals to their interest. The hardest part of Social marketing, however, is the fact that everyone has a different method of appeal, which means that no matter what you do, you’re never going to appeal to everyone you advertise towards. The challenge then is what you can do to make your advertisement work for the bulk of the population that you’re advertising to. So how is that done? How can you appeal to a large audience if everyone thinks differently? Well there are a few things that you can do that appeal to different parts of the human psyche.

Primal Appeal

The first thing someone can do is appeal to someone’s basic needs. Food and drink companies have this the easiest because all they have to do is appeal to those primal needs and they’ve sold their product. You can do this by making the advertisement visually appealing to that need. Presenting it in a certain way or describing it in an appealing form is guaranteed to get more heads to turn and even more customers.

This trick also works with appliances as well; it just needs to be shown a different way. When dealing with appliances such as a washing machine or a cleaning product, it’s better to showcase the product capability rather than make it look appealing. Showing the power of your appliance alone can be enough to convince someone to buy your product. If not, the thought that they need to upgrade their appliance or get a new cleaning product because they ran out could work too. Reminding someone of what they need is just as powerful as telling them what they need.

Target audience of the product

When you’re dealing with different products, another thing that has to be considered is the age group or the country you’re trying to sell your product in. Believe it or not, different countries like their advertisements differently from others, much like age groups like a specific way of advertisement to sell their product.

- Age differences and advertisements

With products directed towards younger ages, about 5-9 years of age, it’s better to appeal to their imaginative side, because at this age the imagination runs wild. When selling the product, be sure to make their imagination work its magic as it will often make them want to put it on their wish list.

As you start to appeal to an older audience, you start migrating away from the imagination and start bringing in the facts in a visual way. Teenagers tend to have a visual processing mind, and appealing to that visual processing is sure to raise their interest.

- Different countries and advertisements

Different countries have a different want in their advertisements. For example, America loves their visuals and something that keeps them interested, as well as advertisement the product and what it can do. In Japan, however, that style of advertisement is generally considered untrustworthy. The Japanese public generally likes advertisements that tell a story rather than just sell a product.

Whatever you do with your advertisement, remember that social marketing is an important part of media these days and selling a product becomes much easier when social media is taken into serious consideration.