Laser Welding for the Springs Industry

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Laser welding has today revolutionized the method of working in almost every industry, ranging from industrial to that of jewellery and tool making. Small tools are today made quite easily with the help of laser welding technology, and the technology has advanced to a large extent in recent times. Heavy industries like the automotive, aircraft, aerospace and heavy machinery manufacturing industries all have made extensive use of laser welding technology in their manufacturing process. The less heavy industry such as the jewellery making industry, and small tools (like spring manufacturing) industries have also implemented the laser welding technology for precision and accuracy in their products.

One of the main advantages of implementing laser welding technology is that it is highly versatile process that makes it easy to join metals, change the shape of metals, and make the component more compatible in size and shape to the machinery that it needs to be joined with. The laser welding technology has come as a boon to most manufacturers of springs. The use of laser welding technology allows springs to be molding into any shape quite easily without it deformations or distortions. Another factor is that the springs do not crack at the edges where the bend occurs. This is a great boon as this helps to save up on the metal and the cost of manufacturing because there is no waste.
Laser welding technology helps in making springs of all types and for all kinds of uses. The size of the spring is varied, and by the process of laser welding, the springs can be processed and shaped well, irrespective of the thickness or size.

The precision and accuracy are the two main features that laser welding provides apart from the ease and smoothness in the manufacturing process, as well as the fixing process. Making adjustments on already manufactured springs is also made simple by implementing laser welding technology.

Article supplied by Laser Weld Creation.