Stretch Ceilings Pros And Cons

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For some people stretch ceiling may seem a kind of new outlandish phenomenon, while others may categorically deny its benefits. We suggest you to personally evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and make the right decision for yourself:

High speed of installation

To install the stretch ceiling in the room is a matter of a few hours. Of course, the timing of the manufacture of the ceiling is different from different companies and can take from several hours to two days. Actually, the deadlines reflect the length of the installation queue. Thus, in some cases, work can be performed as early as one day, if necessary.

Installation is much cleaner than other finishing works

If the profile is being attached to a wood, it will require a simple cleaning with a dustpan or vacuum cleaner. If to concrete, plasterboard, tile or plaster – a small wet cleaning is required. In some cases, finishing painting. As a rule, you will not have dust more than when installing skirting boards. In some cases, it is advisable to use a construction vacuum cleaner or cover the room with a protective film. By the evening, you can already forget about the repair of the ceiling and enjoy it with the family at home. It is a significant advantage of stretch ceilings.

Practical and economical

Stretch ceiling hides all ceiling communications, cracks, unevenness. Advantages in an open system of wiring communications are obvious.

You can safely install communications: wiring, ventilation, pipes, flexible sleeves and other elements quickly and without worries as for how to hide all these items. It will not be difficult to place a noise insulation or thermal insulation behind the stretch ceiling, and be independent of the mood of neighbors or the weather. Today, these benefits are extremely relevant for most families.

You do not need to level your old ceiling before the installation, wash off the whitewash, rip off the wallpaper or plastic panels, etc. The design will hide all streaks, irregularities and swings.

The only requirement is to exclude the possibility of plaster, wire, screws, etc. falling onto the canvas, as any object on the film will be visible, and eliminate the possible airflow into the inter-ceiling space, due to which the film may be inflated. It is necessary to foam the divergent joints of plates, exfoliate the cover (if needed), which can crumble or lie on the material, cover the ceiling with insulation. Also it is necessary to seal holes through which a draft can be (for example, a hole above the chandelier).


Taking care of stretch ceiling is very simple

Your family and colleagues will always be pleased with the cleanness, since its cleaning is reduced to wiping with a dry rag or a damp rag. The antistatic properties of the ceiling allow it to remain clean for a long time. They do not attract dust and condensation. Greasy stains can be washed off with soapy water. Care of the stretch ceiling is extremely simple. PVC is not afraid of chlorine solutions. Avoid getting organic solvents on the cloth and lighting. In rare cases, you can quickly remove the stubborn dirt with a help of white spirit and quickly allow it to dry without touching with your fingers. This operation can slightly change the texture of the surface.

The cleaning of textile ceilings can also be done, also without corrosive chemistry. The fabric is not afraid of the steam cleaner. Such advantages give great superiority to the fabric. The disadvantages of PVC film are due to the fear of frost, since the film becomes brittle and can easily be damaged.

Durability and impeccable appearance

For decades you will get rid of whitewashing, tinting, leveling or other restoration of the ceiling. In addition, throughout its life, it will carry an aesthetic appeal, will not lose its smoothness, color and shine. Therefore, we recommend to think of all communications in advance: light, alarm, ventilation, wiring, pipes, air conditioning, etc., so as not to return to this issue afterwards, since the stretch ceiling has a disadvantage – it does not like the re-installation. In any case, only a qualified specialist can do this. After re-mounting, small defects may appear on the surface and they are more noticeable on glossy films.

High aesthetic qualities and design possibilities

Today, hundreds of combinations of surface and colors of ceiling and wall coverings are available. They are also applicable in addition to gypsum plasterboard ceilings as a decorating element. Combinations of colors can be created, boxes with several levels can be made (so-called level stretch ceilings), even with non-parallel and not flat surfaces. Also, the technology of photo printing on the surface or even art painting on fabric ceilings is available, which will make your apartment truly unique and exclusive. You can accurately and nicely install lamps, plastic baguettes, ventilation outlets, pipes, air conditioners, curtain rails, beams, into this ceiling.


Visual expansion of the room with a glossy coating

Glossy films significantly increase the volume of the premises due to the visual mirror effect. The ceilings seem to be higher. The space in the room becomes lighter. This gives significant advantages in the design and implementation of the interior. It takes just a few centimeters from the height, and with a glossy ceiling it is completely compensated. The same effect can be obtained with setting the level transition. These advantages of stretch ceilings are extremely relevant.

The total cost of installing stretch ceilings is lower

An undeniable advantage is the low total cost of installing stretch ceilings. Its cost can not be higher than the total cost of repair by other methods.

High-strength material that protects against flooding

PVC film has high strength and do not allow water to pass through. Therefore, it will not only survive flooding, but also save your property. The consequences of such a case can be painlessly eliminated by draining the water and drying the linen.

The fabric behaves somewhat differently. It does not retain water, does not sag, but does not soak. If, after such a trouble, there is suddenly a stain, the fabric can be tried to wash off with steam!

There is also a special fabric for water-mud-dangerous conditions. Its surface, just as the film, does not allow water and dirt to pass through. Such material is somewhat more expensive than usual. They, in turn, are subdivided into hygroscopic and hermetic.

The main advantages of stretch ceilings

  • The fabric has antistatic properties, which the accumulation of dust, smoke, burning and condensation on the surface.
  • Some special coatings have bactericidal properties due to special additives and can be installed even in medical institutions with increased hygiene requirements.
  • Not afraid of water and steam, it can be installed even in the shower, pool or kitchen. It can perform protection against moisture and splashes.
  • Easy to clean and preserve after cleaning the original appearance.
  • The material has a guarantee of at least 15 years.
  • The finished ceiling has a beautiful, neat appearance, thanks to a wide variety of materials and colors fits into any interior.
  • Always perfectly smooth surface.
  • Has hygienic and fireproof certificates, as well as any other finishing material. Materials are weakly and moderately combustible and parasites and mold are not bred in it even in damp conditions. Therefore, it can be installed even in children’s and medical institutions.
  • The stretch ceiling is not affected by shrinkage and the natural seasonal binge of walls, ceiling and floor in new or too old houses.

Ideas and information were taken from Canadian manufacturer and installer of stretch ceilings, AV Style Stretch Ceiling Desing

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