The Reality of How Lasers Will Improve Dentistry

 - by Leon Tsebro

WaterLase iPlus is the newest and the best in Dental Laser Technology; this amazing new drill utilizes Erbium lasers to break the speed limit of any drill before. Erbium lasers are used to work with both hard and soft tissue, allowing you as a patient, to receive the utmost comfort and the highest quality treatment.

Soft tissue procedures include the procedures that work with your gums in the oral cavity, which includes procedures such as coagulation of graft donor sites, laser assisted new attachment procedure, frenectomy, biopsy, periodontal sulcular debridement, and gingivectomy.


dental laser machine

Hard tissue procedures include the procedures that work with your teeth, which includes procedures that detect cavities, complete tooth preparation and dental fillings, not to mention the procedures dealing with tooth sensitivity.

This entails the most painless and fastest visit, without the use of drills. The same light-beam minimizes bacterial infections, by sterilizing the area word on.

Laser dentistry benefits you after the visit, as well! Laser dentistry removes the blood loss, because the high-energy light beam helps clot the exposed blood vessels; as a result, the need for stiches or anesthetics is decreased, while your recovery increases.

In comparison to other practices in the dentist industry, these tools allow dentists to be even more accurate with their detailed work, which reduces the damage to both soft and hard tissue, leaving your gums and tooth structure healthier, while you experience less swelling.

Besides these applications, laser technology may be used for removal of benign tumors, cold sores, sleep apnea, pain and inflammation of temporomandibular jaw joint.

Here are some of the specific pieces of laser technology dentists use:

WaterLase iPlus is the newest and the best in Dental Laser Technology; it utilizes Erbium lasers.

WaterLasse technology has been evolving the quality of dentistry with its Er,Cr:YSGG laser technology. It does not create a feeling of heat, vibration or pressure. WaterLasse allows the dentists to perform an array of dental procedures that are practically painless and greatly decreases the need for an anesthetic; these procedures range anywhere from soft to hard tissue procedures.

laser 2

Easylase Diod unit is used to relieve and treat TMJ disorders by managing low level laser pain. The Easylase Diod unit allows us to perform a low level laser pain management to relieve and treat TMJ disorders.

There are about two flaws of this amazing technology: besides the inability to perform some routine dental operations, price is another large flaw. The price of a dental laser drill is anywhere between 8 and 250 times more expensive than a traditional pneumatic dental drill.

Overall, laser dentistry ensures a visit that is the most painless, professional, time-saving, and enjoyable. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry, contact Richmond Hill Dental Clinic today!