Things to Remember when Putting Together Cabinets on your Own

 - by GEC_Cabinet_Depot

Life feels better when everyday requirements could be taken care of on one’s own, from car wash to fine cooking and home improvement, to everything this mantra of self reliance can be applied. For new home owners, the most challenging job to do self reliantly is the heavy duty task of putting together massive wall to wall cabinetry. Full scale cabinetry spanning the whole width of the common space including the drawing cum dining area, the pantry and kitchen as well as bathrooms, is a compulsory fixture for modern homes. Since general urban apartments are usually low on space, it is always advisable to create a modular set up with large compartmentalized cabinets where everything that is needed can be kept handy in an organized fashion. With user friendly do-it-yourself kits installation has become a lot easier; to help the method more here are some vital points for you to remember—

DSC_0095Unhinge the Old System with Caution

When renovating a dated space to set up a sparkling new kitchenette, make sure not to bring down the whole wall when pulling off the greasy old cabinetry. There are more than screws and bolts holding the setup together. The cabinet set remains glued to the wall with strong adhesives and drilled in hinges. Before tearing down the set, pay heed to all these details and do the needful to remove every point of attachment with care. You may use a handy utility knife to remove any caulk off the edges.

Dismantle in Order

It is highly advisable to go in proper order during the installation process. When bringing down the cabinet body after completely unhinging it from the wall, make sure to start dismantling from a corner. It is ideal to start from the top down so that nothing may get in the way. This will surely save a lot of time and frustration.

Remove Parts when Erecting the Frame

The next step in the game is to arrange the new set of storage units. Start by stripping the new cabinet frame of its extra built-in pieces—the drawers and boards typical to kitchen setups. Wholesale kitchen cabinets now available online from top designing and manufacturing houses come fully equipped with deep dovetailed drawers, under mount glides that facilitate a soft closing without a screech, six double hinges for firm support and a range of pull-open corner compartments. The cabinet set may have many more slots framed into it by custom order and all of these slots should be taken off before erecting the structure. There will also be a number of doors to be taken off for the installation to make the cabinet lighter and easy to erect.
To put back the doors and cubicles back together in proper form it would be wise to mark the removed slots, drawers and slide boards with a washable marker.

Performing the massive task of putting up a kitchen wardrobe usually takes more than a pair of hands, even for the extremely strong workman. But on a project of self reliance you might as well get the necessary support by using a 1×3 or 1×2 slab of wood to prop the overarching structure in the place you want it to be. Propped up at the back it may still bend forward but it won’t slide all over the wall most inconveniently.

Support with Shims

To keep the aesthetic value and the functional ease intact go for cabinets leveled with shims. Shims or long sheets of wood can be used to buttresses the cabinets and keep it in a straight line. You can order this support from the outfitters you are bringing your cabinets from. The best outfitters usually provide matching or complimentary shims with the cabinets— coffee tinged ones for coffee cabinets, light brown for walnut cabinets and cherry shims for red and white shakers—are easily viable.