Tips on Adding Character to Your Wardrobe

 - by rosannewang


Ever become frustrated by the pieces in your wardrobe? Retaining the old and worn elements of your closet might feel like you are hanging on to your old self, but new pieces offer a refreshing and different change. They do not have to be high-end products! A few affordable additions would lighten up your entire look.


Lets Discuss Your Wardrobe!

Boots can range from comfortable to heavy duty, yet they are all engaging statement components to incorporate into your daily outfits. Presently, boots are an important part of fashion trends; they appear on the runways and in retail stores. You can play up a dressy outfit with statement boots that create an edgy feel which would wow anyone you run into. Platforms, over-the-knees, heeled ankle booties, and combat boots are only a couple of examples. Affordable destinations that scream boot-crazy include Topshop, Zara, Unif Clothing, Jefferey Campbell, and Charlotte Russe. Keep in mind to stay true to preferences in the shopping process!

Sunglasses may seem null and insignificant, but I promise you the exact opposite. Since the sun can be out any day, it is an excuse to bring a pair of these babies with you no matter where you go. The frames for sunglasses can be embroidered with different decorations, from studs to rhinestones, from mock flowers to custom design. Sunglasses are also a fun way to add shapes into your outfit. Commonly praised frames include circles, cat eyes, rectangles, and of course, the generic oval shape. It is extremely important to avoid clashing representations of forms and styles. If various patterns dominate your outfit, go for large round glasses that bluntly emphasize your face. If your outfit is simple and with minimal design, incorporate the needed creative feel in the sunglasses whichever way you wish.

Bags sometimes can make or break an outfit. Whether it is leather, cloth, denim or another material, they always alter the overall feel of your look. Matching clothing items with your bag is another popular and adequate option; it makes you look organized and put together. Double straps work flawlessly work a short bottom, including skirts and shorts, while single straps and purses fit together with long jeans and heels like a completed puzzle. Any leather bag suggests a high-end feel; on the other hand, denim and cloth bags intertwine with casualty. Every department store in the local mall has bags on their shelves, however, you have to carefully choose the most suitable pick best fit with your personality. Bag shopping does not necessarily have to be in-person either! Shopping online is an efficient way to satisfy your lazy needs.

Hope these pointers are helpful and inspirational, happy shopping!

Rosanne Wang, Fashion Blogger