Transform your Bathroom on Budget

 - by Sophie Andersen

Transforming your bathroom and giving it a new look seems like a very difficult job, especially when you consider all the work you need to do in the house. Before you begin, it is advisable to make a detailed plan, and also decide whether you need to rearrange the sanitation elements to gain extra space, because the bathroom needs to be functional no matter what size it is.

This is important to know because once you lay the tiles you won’t be able move the sink or the water heater. Also, every additional rearrangement you make will cost you more and more money.

Keep in mind that the renovating won’t be done by one person. Depending on the nature of the work, you may need to hire more than one professional ranging from electricians to plumbers, painters or ceramists.

This article will reveal the right way of doing bathroom renovation, how much money you need, and it will also reveal all the little secrets of great professionals.

Make a Detailed Plan

Unlike other types of house work, transforming a bathroom requires a detailed plan that will be seen into realization by hose maintenance professionals. First, you need to take a look at the bathroom and decide what materials you will need to use and what the work will consist of.

If you already know how you want to arrange the sanitation elements, and if you know that you will need heating installed as well, you can suggest your plan to the professionals and they will decide whether it can be brought into fruition and how much time they will need. Here it is important to say what sanitation elements you wish to install.

Whether you plan on installing a bathtub, a shower cabin, a bidet, or something else is crucial information for plumbers, because of possible replacement of tubes and pipes. One the other hand, If you’re not quite sure how you want your bathroom to turn out, you can leave it to the professionals who can give you a layout of a 3D project of your bathroom in a few days.

Removing Sanitation Elements and Old Tiles

If you didn’t change any of your electric installation or plumbing and sewage pipes in a long time than it may be wise to do that work now. If you wish to put new tiles on top of the old ones, without taking them off, it is advisable to change the installations anyway. This is because a pipe burst in the wall may cause major problems in your bathroom.

The entire work of removing tiles and sanitation elements shouldn’t last for more than a day. However, you should be prepared for a lot of noise and dust, especially if you are planning on supervising the work.

Replacing Installations

It will take about 5 days to finish replacing the installations. It depends on the size of the bathroom and on what elements you wish to install afterwards. Make sure you have a detailed plan of what goes where before you start with replacing the installations. Also, don’t forget to replace faucets and call the professional plumber if anything goes wrong.

Author: Sophie is an interior designer from Australia. She’s working on project concerning new-age bathrooms with professionals from PermanentPlumbing Solution. Sophie loves to write and share her expertise.