Two Page Resumes

 - by Larysa

Job hunting is a very difficult thing, especially when so many people are searching for jobs at the same time.  It is important to have a good resume, however, it has been argued whether or not people should condense their resumes to two pages. Larysa Kazyeva, a technology recruiter at Asset Computer Personnel, wrote an article on her opinion on the matter.

Her main point was how condensing your resume will result in you being just like everyone else. This is a bad thing. When looking for a job, you want to be able to stand out from the rest and show the employers that you are the best of the bunch. By condensing your resume, you are leaving out some details that may help you get a job.

The best part of the article is when the author brings up this important point. The resume of a person with 15 years of experience should not look the same as a person with only two years of experience. Meaning, the more experience you have, the more detailed your resume should be. Do not be afraid to have a resume that is longer than 2 pages, because you may have some unique qualities that the employer may want.

Remember to outline your best qualities and to stand out from the crowd. Your resume should outline your uniqueness, and also all of your professional achievements. For more information about resume building, read the original article here.