Windows and Doors Terminology

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Double hung window – This is a window with two operational sashes and this means that it can open by sliding up or down. On the other hand, in a single hung window the upper part of the window remains stationary, but the bottom part can slide up or down.

Casement windows – The windows are hinged on one side, either on the left or the right, and they open outwards by turning a crank.

Awning window – This window is hinged from the top and opens outward from the bottom allowing entry of air from below and the sides. When open, the window slides downwards, and this can, therefore, be kept open even when it’s raining.

bay windows

Bay Windows

Picture windows – These are stationary windows where they serve two main purposes: letting in light and providing a clear outdoor view. These work great in areas where ventilation is not a major concern.

Slider windows – These are windows that operate by sliding horizontally past each other along a gliding track. They are common in houses with contemporary or modern designs.

Bay windows – These are windows that protrude outwards from the walls of a house, creating more interior space and providing a wider view. Bay windows also allow in more natural light.

Energy efficient windows – These are modern window designs that are manufactured in such a way that they lower cooling, heating as well as lighting costs. The overall result is a significant decrease in overall energy costs.

Windows Replacement – This is simply replacing existing windows with new ones for various reasons that can include: removing damaged windows, the need for more energy efficient solutions, and keeping abreast with trendy designs.

Caulking – This is a process of sealing joints in windows and doors to avoid leakage of water or air. This is common in homes to enhance energy efficiency.

vinyl windows

Vinyl Windows

Glazing – This is the process of adding glass in a door or a window for various reasons such as providing a better view or improving energy efficiency, among others.

Flashing – This is a process of adding some strips along doors and windows to divert water.

Slab doors – These are the most common type of doors; simply a rectangular slab that can be made up of wood, steel or any other material. This can be customized with glass for classier or more appealing looks.

French doors – These are doors that usually have two panels and open from the middle by swinging inwards or outwards.

Pre-hung doors – These can be described as self contained since they come in their own frames. They can, therefore, open or close even before installation, and this means that they come fully fitted with hinges.

Bi-fold doors – These are doors that can be stacked against a wall, creating a wider opening. These are, at times, used in walls to create temporary partitions.

Composite doors – This is a door that is made from various materials, combining various aspects such as beautiful appearance, strength, low maintenance, better insulation and durability, among others. The quantity of each material used may vary from one manufacturer to the other.

patio door

Patio Door

Bow Windows – Bow windows are windows in which are curved outward toward the exterior of your house to project a larger space for your household. They are compiled of a sum of glass panes or panels, differing on the size in which you desire, that appear to extend and overhang on the outside of you home.

Vinyl Windows - A window in which the frame is manufactured using vinyl as the main material.

Classic Windows – Windows in which are of a more common and frequent bought style of window. They are simple windows that hold a classic, homey style to them.

Patio Doors - A mainly glass door in which allow the homeowners and household to access their patio, deck or backyard easily and quickly.

Door Replacement – This is simply the process of replacing one door with a brand new door for a variety of reasons which may include damage, weather leaking or more among these.

Custom Windows – These windows are custom created to fit a certain space, appearance, purpose or preferences to add to your house and home.

Fixed Windows – A window in which cannot be opened. These windows are purely used to only allow the light of the outside to flow into your home and are not capable of opening.

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