Windows XP Deadline & Cloud Network Solutions

 - by Cobalt900

Microsoft has announced that after many delays on the date, on April 8th, 2014; Microsoft XP and Office 2003 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This means that there will no longer be any updates for securities for the XP computer software.

What does this mean?

cloud-computingBecause there’s no security updates for the XP software, it means that files will become very easy to hack and corrupt by adware and viruses. This obviously poses a massive problem to companies who still use XP as their primary computer software as their data is suddenly at serious risk of being corrupted or destroyed. What’s worse is that a large company that relies on XP needs a lot of time to switch over fully to more updated software. Larger companies can take up to 18 months to fully do so, time that is not possible with a larger company.

There is a solution to this issue, however. There is a way to safely store your files whist your company undergoes the transition. This is done by putting your company on a cloud network.

What is a Cloud network?

A cloud network is an online backup of sorts. Once you sign on with a Cloud network, all the data you send into it is immediately stored in a storage hub within the cloud company’s building. Everything is locked down and secure so only you and whoever you want to access the files can do so from any electronic device that has an internet connection, be it wi-fi or cable.

Why use a Cloud network?

Besides allowing your company to safely go through the process of upgrading your software to a more updated operating system, there are some serious benefits to signing onto a cloud network. Some of these benefits include

-The ability to expand. Because your files and data are accessible from anywhere and at any time, the ability to expand your business to a different building or even overseas becomes a whole lot easier because it eliminates the time it takes to transfer data to your new establishment.

-Increased safety. Because a cloud network acts as a primary or even a secondary backup, your files are safe from any sort of corruption or tampering that might happen if your company has been attacked virally. One third of network crashes for companies are caused by malware and viruses.

-Productiveness increase. When you sign on with a cloud network, your files and data can be accessed not only anywhere, but from any device, which means that you can access crucial files on the road without needing long email chains. On top of that, someone can work on a file from anywhere and have someone else work on the same file at the same time without having to worry about updating it. This increases productivity considerably.

By signing onto a cloud network, you gain the ability to go mobile virtually anywhere if you have an internet connection. It gives you the ability to safely go through the operating software upgrade that your company needs to go through because of the deadline. Now’s the time to act, sign onto a cloud network today!