Work Opportunities

We, at Blogpro, are looking for talented Canadian copywriters to assist us in providing the finest articles to the clients to whom we are so dedicated. The freelance worker would have to be fluent and well experienced in the English language as well as possess the ability to research a given topic.

The skills required for this position include:

  • Fluent, creative English writing
  • The ability to research a given topic for relevant information
  • The ability to organize said information coherently into an interesting-to-read piece (~250-500 words)

Other skills that are not absolutely necessary but would be greatly helpful include:

  • Experience and knowledge in the field of SEO
  • Experience and knowledge in the field of online marketing

If you are a freelance copywriter looking for work, feel free to contact us at with your resume and samples of your work, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.